5 Things to Know About Pakistan Elections

5 Things to Know About Pakistan Elections

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The voters of Pakistan will vote for the new government elections on July 25. There is a lot happening in this election, which has never happened in Pakistan before. Here are – 5 Things to Know About Pakistan Elections

1. No Prime Minister in Pakistan completed his term, Pakistan has a history of military revolt. The first general election was held in the year 1970. After this election, there will be another such occasion in Pakistan’s history when an elected government will hand over power to a civilian government.

2. This time a politician is not allowed to contest the elections, who has held the Prime Minister’s chair three times in Pakistan. Former Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s party Pakistan Muslim League won the election of the year 2013. Last year, the court found him ineligible for the post of Prime Minister and in the case of corruption he recently sentenced him to 10 years imprisonment. Nawaz Sharif denies these allegations and indirectly blames the army for it.

Nawaz Sharif Gets 10 Years Imprisonment In Avenfield Corruption Case; Daughter Maryam Nawaz Sentenced To 7 Years

3. This election is very important in that, it is that the right-wing and extreme candidates are contesting a large number of elections. There is a concern in the Pakistani media that fierce groups are being given the opportunity to come to mainstream politics.

4. This election is also significant in this regard that more women are contesting elections than earlier this year. About 171 women candidates have been standing in 272 parliament seats across the country. Among them is Ali Begum, who is the first woman candidate from Pakistan to contest from the tribal area.

In Pakistan, a rule of the Election Commission also says that in less than 10 % of the women’s participation in an electoral constituency, the election process is cancelled.

5. In this election, the transgenders also got the chance to try their hands in politics. Five transgenders candidates have been allowed to contest the general elections. There are extremely minority communities in Transgenders, in Pakistan, which was given permission for the first time to contest the elections in 2013. Local news has said that this time the services of transgenders will also be taken for monitoring the free and fair elections.

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