Air pollution is dangerous for babies born

Air pollution is dangerous for babies born in the womb


A shocking study has come out of the effect of air pollution. It has been said that Air pollution is dangerous for babies born as those children are at high risk of high blood pressure during childhood, whose mothers have faced high levels of air pollution between the sixth and ninth months of their pregnancy.

Air pollution is dangerous for babies born

PM 2.5 is a type of air pollution that is produced by the burning of automobiles, oils, coal or biofuel and has adverse effects on human health.

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“This is the first study that shows that breathing in the polluted air during pregnancy directly affects the heart’s in the childhood of a child born in the womb, said Professor Knoll Tee Muller of John Hopkins University, USA. 

“The high blood pressure in childhood also results in hypertension because of infertility, and this is the reason for hypertension related to cardiovascular diseases,” said Muller, senior author of this study published in the journal ‘Hypertension‘. To check 1,293 mothers and their children, were part of the Boston Birth Cohort Study.

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India is one of the most polluted countries in the world

India is one of the most polluted countries in the world and air pollution is considered to be the biggest threat to India’s health. The Energy Policy Institute of the University of Chicago has prepared a report based on the Air Quality Life Index. This report says that India works on reducing air pollution according to World Health Organization standards.

So the life of the people of the whole country can grow on average … four years. While adhering to national standards … people of an entire country can live on average for one year. India’s population is about 133 million and in such a way, if the age of every person in our country increases on average, then the total lifespan of 532 crores will increase. 

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If the country’s capital Delhi follows the standards of the WHO … then people living here can live nine years more. Whereas, national standards linked to air pollution in Delhi are to be followed … so people’s age can increase by 6 years.

In this report, the complete list of the 50 most polluted districts of the country has been given. And it has been said, that if all these districts follow the WHO and national standards about air pollution.

Then the age of the people living there will increase. There is only the name of Delhi in it. There are also names of many cities and districts like Agra, Bareilly, Lucknow, Kanpur, Muzaffarpur, Sitapur, Patna and Azamgarh. Following the national standards of India, the age of people living in these districts can increase from three years to six years.

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