Did Alexander the Great be buried in this casket

A group of archaeologists found a mysterious coffin two thousand years ago in Alexandria, the coastal city of northern Egypt this month. Did Alexander the Great be buried in this casket? According to Egyptian officials, it is the largest coffin ever found in the city. This casket made of black granite and is about 2 meters in […]

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south sudan

South Sudan Hunger Crisis ‘worst in the world’

South Sudan Hunger Crisis Looming South Sudan Hunger Crisis: A million people in South Sudan are in danger of severe hunger. While hunger has always been an issue for the young country, the link between it and conflict means that more South Sudanese are hungry now, more than ever before. The Kakuma Refugee camp in northern […]

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Universal Basic Income

Universal Basic Income | Pros and Cons

Following recent news that Finland opted out of continuing its Universal Basic Income pilot program beyond 2018, economists are questioning the sustainability of the controversial model. What is the Universal Basic Income Universal Basic Income is an economic concept in which everyone gets an equal amount of money from the government, every month, no strings attached. […]

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Hubert Cecil Booth

Who was Hubert Cecil Booth? Inventor of the first vacuum cleaner

Hubert Cecil Booth 147th Birthday Not too old, but just a century ago. The wife of a British rich man invited all his friends to a special party. The name of the party was also something weird. What was the name given to him? That name was- ‘Cleaning party‘. Friends were also shocked to hear […]

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10 special things related to America freedom struggle

242 years old America, 10 special things related to America freedom struggle

Today America is 242 years old so here we know about 10 special things related to America freedom struggle July 4 is known as the day of Independence of the United States. 242 years ago, In the year 1776, nearly 13 colonies in Great Britain together declared independence, which is called Declaration of Independence. The famous […]

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Why we protest | Protests That Changed The World

Protest have historically led to the improved protection of human rights, and continue to help define the dimensions of civil, political and economic rights Social and cultural rights and protection around the world. In recent years, millions of people have taken to the streets to protest their governments and claim their rights. While protests are […]

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Genocide: Worse Than War | Current Genocides in the World

What is Genocide? Genocide is basically a mass killing of a large number of people especially, there isn’t a certain Ethnic group on the whole nation but it’s actually much more than that. How do we know when genocide is classified? As genocide is classified into eight stages, Following these stages will help you determine […]

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