Eleven babies

Eleven babies die after Dutch women given Viagra in drug trial

The medical test of Viagra on pregnant women in the Netherlands has been stopped immediately after the death of Eleven babies. Eleven babies Women taking part in the research were given a Viagra, a sexually transmitted drug. This research was being done on those women, in which the fetus was weak. It appears that this drug, […]

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Pakistan Election 2018: Bomb blast in Quetta, 22 people dead

Voting is going on for the National and Provincial Assembly in Pakistan at this time. At the same time during the voting for the general elections in Quetta, at least 22 people have been killed in the blast near a polling booth. According to Local News, this explosion was close to the polling station built on […]

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Greece wildfires

Greece Wildfires kill at least 74 near Athens

Greece Wildfires: Update Smoke rising from the Greece Wildfires forests entered the urban areas. Exhaustive fire is being made to quench the fire in the forest near Athens. Helicopters are also being used to extinguish the fire. The Prime Minister of Greece has declared an emergency in Attica. The government of Greece has sought help […]

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hypersonic missile

Russia is afraid of leakage of hypersonic missile secrets in the west

Hypersonic missile: Russia intelligence agency Federal Security Service (FSB) has raided a space research centre suspecting the secret information related to the country’s hypersonic missile to the spies of western countries. The Russian Space Agency is named Roscosmos. The agency says its officials are cooperating FSB officers in the investigation. According to the news published in […]

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Adnan oktar

‘Sex, Abomination & Fan’: The story of Adnan Oktar of Turkey

Adnan Oktar fondness and luxury life have changed now. Adnan Oktar is known for giving religious discourses on a TV channel in Turkey. Recently, he was arrested with more than 160 followers. There are allegations of fraud, sexual harassment and Organized crime on them. According to Turkish government news agency Anadolu, a large police operation was conducted […]

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