world fastest planet

This is the world fastest planet in which it is possible to travel in time!

Would you agree that there is a planet in space such as this, in just 7 hours, you will be 1,251 years old. Perhaps you will not believe because this will be absolutely new and unique to you, so it’s hard to believe for the first time. But in reality, such a planet has been […]

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number of stars in the Universe is decreasing

Is the number of stars in the Universe is decreasing or increasing ?

According to a report it has been found that the number of stars in the Universe is decreasing. For those interested in space science, this may be an interesting news for you- The number of stars in the universe is decreasing. Not only that, now it will decrease as time goes on, and the result […]

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deep valleys

Three Giant Deep Valleys discovered in Antarctica

Researchers have discovered Three deep valleys under the mountain ranges hidden under the snowy mountains of Antarctica and the Glacier. This research has been published in Geophysical Research Letters. Detailed data from the satellite helped to take pictures of the Earth’s surface and its deep inside parts, but the location of the empty space around […]

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