Know drug is real or fake with the help of message


Due to the arrival of the counterfeit drug in the market, the danger always remains that the medicines you have taken are real or fake. But now you do not have to think much about it. Actually, the drug makers now print unique codes on their product, along with their best-selling medicines. Due to this code, it is easy to know whether the drug is genuine or fake. This will be done to get rid of such drugs.

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300 drug brand copy will get rid of

According to a news published in the Economic Times, a senior government official said that on the part of pharmaceutical companies, the top 300 drug brand will get rid of the duplication. The official said that the Drug Technical Advisory Board (DTAB) has approved the proposal to implement a ‘trace and track‘ system in the meeting held on May 16. After this, the 14 digit number will be printed on the label of the top 300 drug brand.

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Unique number on the strip

After this, the syrup sold in the market and the Drug strip will be given a unique number. Simultaneously it will be given on a mobile number. This number will be issued by the company marketing company.

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When you send a message to the mobile number given to this unique number of 14 digits, you will find all the information, such as the company’s name and address, batch number, manufacturing and expiry date. This will give you accurate information about the medication.

Fake medicine will be easy to detect

This initiative will also help in detecting counterfeit medicines sold in the market. In this regard, many companies were talking to the head of the association of the government. This is now agreed on. The list of 300 drugs selected for the Trace and Track system is in progress. Pharmaceutical companies are also awaiting information about how the system will work.

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