find lost mobile phone

Find lost mobile phone easily by calling on one number


Find lost mobile phone

Getting lost or stolen mobile can be easy. A Central Equipment Identity Register has been prepared. It will know all the information related to the IMEI number and mobile. There will be no network on the phone after the complaint and police will easily get theft or missing calls easily.

The telecom department can start it from Maharashtra Circle within the next 2-3 weeks. By December this may start in the whole country. The government has also released a helpline number 14422 which can lead to theft or missing mobile complaint.

find lost mobile phone


Telecom Ministry initiatives

You can also call your complaint on this helpline number issued by the government or by SMS. Your complaint will be registered as such. Telecom Department (DoT) has launched its initiative. The police and service provider company will search for your mobile. The telecom ministry will launch it in Maharashtra Circle in late May. It will be implemented in several phases of 21 different circulars in the country by December.

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Telecom Department made a mechanism

The Center for Telecommunications Technology (C-DOT) has prepared a mechanism to detect theft or missing mobile. It has been named the Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR). CEIR has a mobile model, SIM number and IMEI number of every citizen of the country.

Police will be given a mechanism to find lost mobile phone

The mobile model was created by C-Dot, a mechanism designed to match the IMEI number issued by the company that created the phone. This mechanism will be handed over to the state police in a phased manner.

The police and service provider company will match the mobile model and IMEI as soon as the complaint is lodged, the mobile is lost. If the IMEI number has been changed then the service provider will shut it down. However, even after the service is closed, the police will be able to track the mobile.

No SIM will work after the complaint

According to C-DOT, the network will not be available if any SIM is installed in the mobile on receipt of the complaint. But, its tracking will continue. Given the incidents of theft and robbery of thousands of mobile phones every day for the last few years, C-DOT had asked the telecommunications ministry to prepare this mechanism. A survey of the ministry revealed that 18,000 handsets are running on the same IMEI number in the country.

IMEI will change on prison

Implementation of IMEI is a three-year Jail and a fine. Last year, the Telecommunication Ministry had amended the Telegraph Act in view of the increasing number of mobile theft, snarls and missing complaints. Under this, punitive action will be taken against those who change IMEI.

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