Good news for diabetes patients

Good news for diabetes patients, this medicine will get relief from


Scientists have said that Vitamin D can help in treating bad beta cells in the pancreas, which can help to produce, store and release hormones insulin.

Good news for diabetes patients

Scientists say Vitamin D can help in the treatment of diabetes. Scientists have said that Vitamin D can help in treating bad beta cells in the pancreas, which can help to produce, store and release hormones insulin. This can pave the way for a new approach to the treatment of diabetes.

When beta cells become inactive, then the body can not make insulin to control blood glucose and the level of glucose can rise to the hazardous level.

In the US the researchers of the Salk Institute accomplished their goal by using an unexpected source vitamin D. Vitamin D proved beneficial in the treatment of damaged beta cells in cells and mouse models. Ronald Evans of the Salk Institute said, “We know that diabetes is a disease caused by swelling.

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In this study, we recognized Vitamin D receptor as an important modulator of both swelling and beta cell survival. “Zhong Wei, a research associate at the Salk Institute, said,” The study started by looking at the role of vitamin D in beta cells. ”

What is diabetes?

Our body gets the power needed to work glucose. Insulin is needed to absorb the glucose we eat or to absorb it which comes from pancreatitis. Diabetes is the stage when the amount of glucose increases in the body because pancreas can not make insulin.

A full load of this condition occurs in our diet and therefore the most needed attention is to pay attention to healthy diets. At the age of 25 to 35, people like to live in their careers and live life unrestrained. Do not exercise, do breakfast and eat unhealthy foods, among all those who even invite diseases such as diabetes, without even wanting to invite them.

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Dr Sanjay Kalra, Consultant Endocrinologist, Bharti Hospital, Karnal Vice President, South Asian Federation of Endocrine Society, is telling some such important things which can reduce the risk of diabetes in the early age to a great extent.

Be careful with diabetes, it causes 10 major disadvantages

Persons suffering from diabetes should take full care of themselves. Also, if you do not make significant changes in your lifestyle then many other serious diseases can also come in the grip. The effect of this disease occurs on many organs of the body.

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  • Diabetes is a metabolic syndrome, which is home to many diseases. It affects every part of the body.
  • Diabetes increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases, including coronary artery disease, chest pain, heart attack, stroke and narrowing of the arteries.
  • It increases the risk of problems related to the feet due to damage to the nerves of the feet or the flow of blood in the legs. Failure of this caused by ulcer increases the risk of foot rotation several times.
  • Type2 diabetes increases the risk of Alzheimer’s. The more uncontrolled blood sugar, the higher the risk of Alzheimer’s.
  • Due to Diabetes, the risk of kidney failure is increased by 50 %.
  •  Due to diabetes, the increased sugar levels affect the nerves that supply blood in the brain. Due to this, some parts of the brain may be damaged and memory loss may occur.
  •  Increased blood sugar levels can affect your eyes by harming the nervous and circulatory system.
  • Due to diabetes, your teeth can cause serious damage.
  • Due to diabetes your heart and the other parts of the body, glucose level increases in the nerves. This creates the possibility of blocks. Due to blockage, serious heart disease and heart attack can occur.
  • Diabetics have a bad effect on your intestines.

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