Greece wildfires

Greece Wildfires kill at least 74 near Athens

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Greece Wildfires: Update

  • Smoke rising from the Greece Wildfires forests entered the urban areas.
  • Exhaustive fire is being made to quench the fire in the forest near Athens.
  • Helicopters are also being used to extinguish the fire.
  • The Prime Minister of Greece has declared an emergency in Attica.
  • The government of Greece has sought help from other countries of the European Union to overcome the fire.
  • Greece Wildfires have also taken homes in the surrounding villages.
  • Relief and rescue workers are using boat and helicopters to evacuate people trapped in coastal areas.
  • People have no choice but to dip in the water to reduce the heat of the fire.
  • It has been a considerable loss of life due to fire in the forest.
  • The temperature of the area has increased due to the fire.
  • Some places it has happened that the people of the house have become completely clean because of the fire.
  • A fire has left the mark of catastrophe behind where it has been extinguished.

Greece Wildfires: There was a fire in the forests of the Attica terrain around Greece’s capital Athens.

It is being told that this is the most horrific fire of the last decade.

Hundreds of fire brigade have been planted to control the fire.

The fire is so fast that Greece wants international help to stop it.

The news of the fire in the jungles of foreign countries is often heard and read. In the month of October last year, there was such a fierce fire in the forests of California.

After all, what is the fire in the forest and who is responsible for it?

Greece Wildfires

Greece Wildfires

How does a fire look like in the forest?

Fire requires three things: fuel, oxygen and heat.

When the heat is rising, a light spark is enough to take the entire forest in its lap.

These springs can leave the wheels of trains passing through the jungles or by the rubbles of the twigs.

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The sun strong rays and sunlight also promote fire.

However, most of the fire seems to be due to human negligence. Like a campfire, burning piece of cigarette, crackers and matchboxes have been the reasons for this.

Why does this fire spread so fast?

If a fire takes place one time, it boosts the air. If the wind is moving at a fast speed, then the fire spreads rapidly in the jungle.

If the heat is on its peak then the trees and branches are dried in the forest, which easily catch fire.

If there is a slope in the jungle, then the fire spreads rapidly. The fire spreads in dry grass first, then the trees and gradually the surrounding houses.

The fuels that are in the forests will be as dangerous as the fire.

Greece Wildfires

Greece Wildfires

How Weather boost Fire?

Rainfall, dry conditions, hot winds and more temperatures, all are responsible for the fire in the forests.

As the tapping of nature is increasing, balance in the environment is deteriorating. Due to this, the rains are getting reduced, the heat has increased due to which the danger of fire is increasing in the forests.

How can the fire be overcome?

Expert use special tools for the detection of fire potential, which examines parameters such as temperature, wind speed.

Efforts are made to prevent the fire before reaching these standards at a critical level. To dig such pits in between the forest areas so that the fire could spread no farther.

At the same time removed all those things from forests, which produces a spark.

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