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Important events of 1 June

  • King Charles II of England and King Louis 14th of France signed the Dutch Anti Confidential Treaty in 1670.
  • The French army occupied Antwerp in 1746.
  • Serampore College, second oldest college in India, Established in 1818.
  • Teaching started in Calcutta Medical College in 1835.
  • The East India Company was dissolved in 1874.
  • The first pay-phone service was started in 1880.
  • Germany’s army attacked Verdun’s Fort in 1916.
  • The Royal Alaska Police was officially established in 1922.
  • Peace relations between the United States and Canada restored in 1927.
  • India’s first deluxe train went from 1930 to Deccan Queen Bombay VT to Pune.
  • The British army occupied Iraq’s capital Baghdad in 1941.
  • Israel and Arab countries agreed on the 1948 ceasefire.
  • About 250 people died in the 1965 coal bomb blast in Fukuoka region of Japan.
  • In Canada, radio and TV advertisements on tobacco products and their related ads were completely banned in 1969.
  • On June 1, 1970, the egg was thrown out of an electoral gathering over UK Prime Minister Harold Wilson in 1970.
  • On the same day, 90 years after the rule of the minority white people in Rhodesia was ended and it was announced that now the country will be known as Zimbabwe in 1979.
  • Cable News Network (CNN) television network debuted for the first time in 1980.
  • The air agreements were signed between India and Israel in 1992.
  • The President of Guatemala, Jorge Serrano, was ousted from the army in 1993.
  • HD Deve Gowda became the 11th Prime Minister of India in 1996.
  • Apa Sherpa made the successful climb of Mount Everest for the 15th time in 2005.
  • In the UK, smoking in public places since 2007 has been completely banned.
  • The Conference on International Counter-Terrorism 2008 was held in New Delhi.
  • U.S. Presidential candidate Barack Obama resigned from the membership of the Trinità United Church in Chicago in 2008.
  • In Central America, 150 people died due to a tropical storm in 2010 in Guatemala.
  • In Nigeria, in the 2014 football blast, 40 people died in the blast.

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Born on 1 June

  • Indian film actress Nargis was born in 1929.
  • The poet and writer Baldev Deshshi was born in 1938.
  • Ashoka Kumar, one of India’s famous hockey players, was born in 1958.
  • India’s famous weightlifter Karnam Malleshwari was born in 1975.
  • Indian woman cricketer Rajeshwari Gaekwad was born in 1991.

Died on 1 June

  • Former Punjab Governor, William Malcolm Hailey died in 1969.
  • India’s Sixth President Neelam Sanjiva Reddy died in 1996.
  • Bal Ram Nanda, the founder director of the Nehru Memorial Museum and Library and wrote several books on Mahatma Gandhi, died in 2010.
  • Famous film director, screenwriter and Urdu writer Khwaja Ahmad Abbas died in 1987.
  • King of Nepal and South Asian leader Virendra Veer Vikram Shah died in 2001.

Important events and festivals on 1 June

  • International Children’s Day
  • World milk day

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