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15 August (TODAY IN HISTORY) Collected facts include the people born today, the death of famous persons, war conflicts, freedom of any country, the invention of new technology, change of power, important national and international day etc.

Important events of 15 August

  • The city of Panama was built in 1519.
  • In 1772, East India Company took the decision for separate civil and criminal court in different districts.
  • The East India Railway operated the first passenger train in Calcutta (now Kolkata) to Hooghly in 1854, although officially its operation began in 1855.
  • Indian Bank – As part of the indigenous movement, it was established on August 15, 1907.
  • World War II: Korean Liberation Day is celebrated in 1945.
  • Yugwani (magazine) – a monthly magazine published in 1947 from Dehradun (Uttarakhand). It was published as a fortnightly newspaper, which became the main weekly newspaper in the mountain of time.
  • Independence Day – India got independence from the British in 1947.
  • Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru took oath as the first Prime Minister of Independent India in 1947.
  • Defense Warfare Award – Param Vir Chakra, Mahavir Chakra and Veer Chakra were established in 1947.
  • In India, between 20 and 30 thousand people were killed due to an earthquake of 8.6 in the early 1950s.
  • Bahrain was liberated in 1971 by the British rule.
  • Postal Index Number i.e. Pin Code was implemented in 1972.
  • The formation of a new government in 1975 under the leadership of the military revolution,
  • The killing of Mujibur Rahman and Khondekar Mushtaq Ahmed in Bangladesh happened in 1975.
  • Faridabad became the 12th district of Haryana in 1979.
  • Nationwide colour broadcast and TV national program was inaugurated in Delhi in 1982.
  • Clarke took the oath of office of South Africa in 1989.
  • Land-to-air Missile Sky successfully launched in 1990.
  • Terrorist Carlos was caught in Khartoum in Sudan in 1994.
  • In 1998, in Oreg, 29 people were killed and 220 others injured in a bomb blast in Northern Ireland.
  • Citizens of North and South Korea met each other in 2000.
  • The United States closed its Information Center in Islamabad in 2002.
  • Lara became the fastest batsman to score 10,000 runs in 2004.
  • In South American country Peru, in the coastal area of 2007, more than 500 people died and many were homeless by an 8.0 magnitude earthquake.
  • On the occasion of Independence Day, President Pratibha Patil unveiled the statue of freedom fighter Shahid Bhagat Singh in Parliament House campus in 2008.

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Born on 15 August

  • The French military officer and political leader Napoleon Bonaparte was born in 1769.
  • Arvind Ghosh, freedom fighter, poet, ardent scholar, yogi and noble philosophical versatility, was born on 15 August 1872.
  • The famous singer of Indian classical music, Ustad Amir Khan, was born in 1912.
  • India’s famous Urdu litterateur Ismat Chughtai was born in 1915.
  • Famous literary journalist and editor Hans Kumar Tiwari was born in 1918.
  • The famous Indian songwriter Indi was born in 1924 in Hindi films.
  • Famous writer and poet Ramdarsh Mishra was born in 1924.
  • Famous poet FazalTaless of Bhopal was born in 1933.
  • Famous cartoonist Pran Kumar Sharma, who created cartoon character ‘Chacha Chaudhary’, was born on 1938.
  • The famous Indian actress Rakhi Gulzar was born in 1947.
  • The fifth Chief Minister of Uttarakhand state, Dr Ramesh Pokhriyal, “Nishank” was born on 1959.
  • Indian cricketer Vijay Bhardwaj was born in 1975.
  • India’s famous female athlete K.M. Binamol was born in 1975.

Died on 15 August

  • India’s famous revolutionary Mahadev Desai passed away on 15 August 1942.
  • The freedom fighter Sardar Ajit Singh died in 1947.
  • Indian politician (former Chief Minister of Gujarat) Amar Singh Chaudhary passed away on August 15, 2004.

National/International Holidays and Observations List

  • Relaxation Day
  • Independence Day(India)

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