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Important events of 15 June

  • King John of England signed Magna Carta in 1215.
  • The English peasant revolt was crushed in 1381 in London.
  • In the Battle of Kosovo, Ottoman empire defeated Serbs and Bosnians in 1389.
  • For the first time in 1667, the human blood transfusion was done by Jean-Baptiste Denys.
  • Benjamin Franklin proved in 1752 that light is the electromagnetic wave.
  • The circulation of paper currency in Austria started in 1762.
  • George Washington was made the Chief of the Continental Army in 1775 in the American Independence Struggle.
  • In the world’s first air crash, two French citizens, who were flying from the balloon in 1785, died.
  • Arkansas became the 25th state of America in 1836.
  • The United States and Britain signed a treaty on the boundary dispute between the United States and Canada in 1846.
  • Prussian attacked Austria in 1866.
  • During the Santo festival on a coast of Japan, 27 thousand people died in 1896 when the tsunami came.
  • The Calcutta Stock Market started in 1908.
  • England, South Africa and Australia’s representatives met in Lloyds in 1909 to form an Imperial Cricket concern.
  • Great Britain resolved to leave all the territories captured during the 1916 Easter Revolution in 1917.
  • IBM was founded in 1914.
  • All India Congress accepted the British plan for the partition of India in 1947 in New Delhi.
  • Today the European football organization UEFA (Union of European Football Association) was formed in 1954.
  • Burdwan University is established in 1960 in West Bengal.
  • 44 countries participated in 1960 in the Second World Peace Conference in The Hague.
  • In South Africa, South Africa passed a bill providing for the death penalty for many crimes.
  • The UK’s then-education minister Margaret Thatcher proposed to end the scheme to free children’s milk in schools in 1971.
  • There was an independent election in Spain in 1977 after 40 years in Spain.
  • The Supreme Court has the rule that in 1981 all children are entitled to public education regardless of civic education.
  • Dedication to the British army of the Argentina army in 1982 in Falkland.
  • NASA launched Space Wheel S-213 in 1988.
  • Congress won the Tenth Lok Sabha election in 1991.
  • Organization of the D-8 organization in Istanbul was organized in 1997 by eight Muslim countries.
  • Lockerbie Pan AM. American permission to prosecute Libya for aircraft crash in 1999.
  • Shanghai-Five Summit concluded in Beijing, Shanghai five now formed the SCO, decided in 2001 not to vote for both India and Pakistan.
  • The meeting of the Finance Ministers of G-8 countries in Canada’s Halifax (Nova Scotia) commences in 2002.
  • Nuclear cooperation with the UK was approved by President Bush in 2004.
  • Former US President Bill Clinton’s autobiography ‘My Life‘ became the best seller.
  • The Asafa Powell of Jamaica in Athens, taking the time of 8.77 seconds to run in 100 meters race to make the new world record 2005.
  • India and China decided to open the old Silk Route in 2006.
  • The scientist at Oxford University, for the first time in 2008, exploded ultraviolet light and saw the final status of large stars.

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Born on 15 June

  • The famous writer, Shri Narnaraya Agarwal was born in 1912.
  • The famous actress and singer Suraiya was born in 1929.
  • India’s famous Dhrupad singer Zia Fariduddin Dagar was born in 1932.
  • Anna Hazare, a social worker who walked the Gandhian ideology, was born in 1937.
  • Indian industrialist Laxmi Mittal was born in 1950
  • Cédric Pioline, a former tennis player of France, was born in 1969.
  • Kenya’s cricketer Maurice Odumbe was born in 1969.
  • Taraknath Das, one of India’s famous revolutionaries, was born in 1884.
  • The famous painter and sculptor Devi Prasad Rai Chaudharihonoureded with Padma Bhushan were born in 1899.

Died on 15 June

  • The founder of Dikshit Hindu sect ‘Radha Swami Satsanga’, Shiva Dayal Sahib passed away in 1878.
  • A famous poet, writer, and editor, Ur S. Parameswara Iyer died in 1979.

National/International Holidays and Observations List 

  • Global Wind Day (international)



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