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17 July (TODAY IN HISTORY) Collected facts include the people born today, the death of famous persons, war conflicts, freedom of any country, the invention of new technology, change of power, important national and international day etc.

Important events of 17 July

  • Charles was crowned King Charles VII of France in Reims Cathedral on 17 July 1429.
  • French powers defeated England on 17 July 1453 in the First Battle of Castilian.
  • Nizam Khan was declared Sultan of Delhi on 17 July 1489 under the name of Sikandar Shah Lodi II.
  • The Jews were expelled from the Gentile territory of the European Union on 17 July 1549.
  • The Jews were expelled from Belgium in the Ghent area of Belgium.
  • European countries England, Portugal and France signed a ceasefire in 1712.
  • In 1850 the Harvard Observatory took the first photograph of the star.
  • England’s Arthur Shrewsbury became the first cricketer to score 1,000 runs in Test cricket in 1893.
  • Spain, US, Spanish army self-surrendered to the US on 17 July 1898, in the Santiago region of Cuba
  • Clément Armand Fallières from France was elected in 1906.
  • The International Amateur Athletics Federation (IAAF) was founded in Sweden in 1912.
  • In 1917 George V changed his family’s name to Windsor. Earlier this royal transit was known as the ‘Saxe Coburg and Gotha’ by the German royal family.
  • The Constitution was adopted in 1919 in Finland.
  • The Soviet Union ended diplomatic relations with China in 1929.
  • Royal Air Force RAF of Britain attacked the Peñamunde Rocket Base in 1943 in Germany.
  • In the United States, in 1944, 332 people died due to the explosion of two ships fired by ammunition near California.
  • Indian passenger ship got stuck in a storm in 1947 near Ramdas Mumbai in which 625 people died.
  • Women in the country were declared eligible in any kind of Civil services including Indian Administrative Service and Indian Police Service in 1948.
  • India’s first aircraft crashed in 1950 at Pathankot.
  • By rebelling under the leadership of Ahmad Hassan Alabrak in Iraq, the Bass Party captured power in 1968.
  • For the first time, two women started training in Chintico as an American intelligence agency FBI agent in 1972.
  • In the 1974 bomb blast in London Tower, 41 people were injured.
  • The 21st edition of the Modern Olympic Games began in Montreal in 1976.
  • Zenko Suzuki became Japan’s Prime Minister in 1980.
  • Israel destroyed the al-Fatah headquarters in Beirut, Lebanon, in 1981.
  • Diplomatic relations between Iran and France broke in 1987.
  • The first piece of Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 collided with Jupiter in 1994.
  • Forbes Magazine named Microsoft founder Bill Gates as the world’s richest man in 1995.
  • Russia’s Svetlana Feofanova established a new European record in the Pole Vault competition in 2002.
  • In the world of North-East Congo 2003, 54 people were killed in ethnic violence.
    By completing his 13-day space journey in 2006 at the Cap Conveller (Florida) space centre, the discovery spacecraft landed on Earth.
  • In 2008, NATO forces living in Afghanistan attacked with militants and helicopters on terrorists in Pakistan.
  • In 2013, in the Sichuan province of China, 58 people died due to floods.
  • 283 passengers and 15 crew members died due to a crash in the Malaysian Airlines plane -17 in 2014.

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Born on 17 July

  • The famous philosopher and author of France, Roger Garaudy was born in 1913 in Marseille.
  • Begum Abida Ahmed, a wife of India’s fifth President, Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed, was born in 1923.
  • Hindi film actress Zarina Wahab was born in 1959.
  • Hindi movie actor Ravi Kishan Shukla was born in 1971.
  • Param Vir Chakra Honored Indian Army Flying Officer Nirmaljit Singh Sekhon was born in 1943.

Died on 17 July

  • Famous Scottish politician, philosopher and political economist Adam Smith died on July 17, 1790.
  • The Governor of Uttar Pradesh, Member of the House Department of the Governor General, Alexander Madimain died on July 17, 1928.
  • The famous politician of Gujarat and leader of ‘All India Kisan Sabha’ Indulal Yajich died on July 17, 1972.
  • Lalmani Mishra died in 1979, she was such a practitioner of the Indian music industry, who was also known for her scholarship as her art.
  • India’s famous actress, singer and film producer Kanan Devi died on 17 July 1992.
  • The Fourth Governor of the Reserve Bank of India, I.G. Patel died on 17 July 2005.
  • The famous historian Barun Deka died on July 17, 2013.

National/International Holidays and Observations List

  • Constitution Day (South Korea)
  • Gion Matsuri (Yasaka Shrine, Kyoto)
  • Independence Day (Slovakia)
  • International Firgun Day (international)
  • King’s Birthday (Lesotho)
  • Marine Day (Japan)
  • U Tirot Sing Day (Meghalaya, India)
  • World Day for International Justice (International)
  • World Emoji Day (International)

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