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Important events of 24 June

  • France adopted the Republican constitution for the first time in 1793.
  • French dictator Napoleon Bonaparte started attacking Russia in 1812 with an army of three and a half million.
  • On the Venezuelan capital of Caracas on 24 June 1812, during the independence movement, the freedom fighter Leader Simon Bolivar got the right
  • Austrian Solfronino War was fought in 1859 with France and Sardinia.
  • Harris gave voice to The Jungle Book’s Ballu and Robin Hood’s Little John in 1904.
  • The first airmail service between Montreal and Toronto in Canada was started in Canada in 1918.
  • Walther Rathenau, the Foreign Minister of the Republic of Verma, was killed in 1922. The killers were arrested on 17th July.
  • India’s first indigenous HF 24 supersonic fighter aircraft flew in 1961.
  • The Department of Posts and Telegraph started the national telex service in 1963.
  • 117 people died due to a crash in Mount Blanc, Switzerland’s Air India aircraft going to New York, 1966.
  • The Indian team got reduced to 42 runs against England in the second innings of the Lord’s Test in 1974. India’s lowest score in this Test and they lost by an innings and 285 runs.
  • At the JFK Airport of New York, 113 people were killed in the Eastern 727 plane crash in 1975.
  • The government has declared in 1986 that unmarried mothers will also get maternity leave under their employment scheme.
  • On the issue of the CAG report on the Bofors gun deal, the opposition members, who had a majority, resigned from the Lok Sabha in 1989.
  • Defence scientists successfully tested the country’s first third-generation anti-tank missile ‘NAG‘ in 1990.
  • 281 people died in a train accident in Tanzania, the African country
  • John Negroponte became the first US ambassador to Iraq on 24 June 2004.
  • India’s recognition of India’s permanent membership in the Security Council in 2005.
  • The death penalty in the Philippines in 2006 ended.
  • Iraqi High Tribunal sentenced three people to death in 2007 including Ali Hassan al-Majid alias Chemical Ali, a cousin of Saddam Hussein
  • Nepali Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala resigned from his post in 2008.
  • In the first presidential election in Egypt, Muhammad Mussi of Muslim Brotherhood was elected by a vote of 51.73% on 24 June 2012.
  • On June 23, in the referendum on the question of EU-related relations in the UK, 52% voted in favour of separatism in 2016.

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Born on 24 June

  • Famous Indian writer, historian, great speaker and scholar Vishwanath Kashinath Rajwade was born in 1863.
  • Damodar Hari Chapekar, one of India’s revolutionary Amar Shahidars, was born in 1869.
  • The famous politician and hardliner Tara Singh was born in 1885.
  • Famous educationist, musician and Hindustani classical singer Omkarnath Thakur was born in 1897.
  • American singer, actor and comedian Phil Harris was born in 1904.
  • Italian singer and songwriter (Quartetto Cetra) Tata Zyokobetti was born in 1922.

Died on 24 June

  • Rani Durgavati, one of the queens of Indian fame, died in 1564.
  • Pandit Shraddha Sharma, freedom fighter, Hindi, Punjabi, died in 1881, the author of ‘Om Jai Jagdish Hare’ Arti.
  • India’s fourth President VV Giri died in 1980.

National/International Holidays and Observations List

  • Army Day or Battle of Carabobo Day (Venezuela)
  • Bannockburn Day (Scotland)
  • Rani Durgavati Sacrifice Day (India)

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