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Important events of 25 June

  • Mughal ruler Babar defeated Bengal 0n 25 June 1529 and returned to his capital Agra.
  • Virginia became the 10th state to adopt the US Constitution in 1788.
  • US President Andrew Johnson passed the law of working eight hours a day for government employees in 1868.
  • Gadar Party was formed in 1913 under the chairmanship of Baba Sohan Singh.
  • The Indian cricket team played their first Test match in 1932 at Lord’s ground in Britain.
  • German dictator Adolf Hitler saw Napoleon’s grave and Eiffel Towers in Paris, France in 1940.
  • Finland announced the attack on the Soviet Union in 1941.
  • Ann Frank’s Diary of a Young Girl was published in 1947 on the same day. Its 3 million copies were sold and translated into 67 languages.
  • The Korean Civil War began in 1950. This civil war, which started between North and South Korea fighting for freedom, later took the form of the International Cold War.
  • American television and radio network CBS broadcast the first colour TV program in four cities from New York in 1951.
  • Madagascar became independent from France in 1960.
  • Iraq announced in 1961 that Kuwait is part of Iraq.
  • On the advice of the Indira Gandhi-led Congress government, the President of India, Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed, announced the Emergency in 1975.
  • India defeated the 1983 West Indies by 43 runs and won the Cricket World Cup title for the first time.
  • Kim Campbell became Canada’s 19th Prime Minister in 1993.
  • Japanese Prime Minister Tsutomu Hata resigned from his post in 1994.
  • The anniversary of the Emergency is celebrated on June 25 in the form of ‘Black Day‘ in 1977.
  • US President Bill Clinton reached China on a 9 day trip in 1998.
  • The announcement of the reward of US $ 50 million for the arrest of Yugoslavian President Slobodan Milosevic in the United States in 1999.
  • The new Cabinet in Afghanistan was sworn in in 2002.
  • Ahmadinejad Nazad became president of Iran in 2005.
  • The announcement of the victory of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, considered to be a very fundamentalist in Iran’s presidential election, was also announced on 25 June 2005.
  • In 2008, the Uttar Pradesh government reduced the stamp duty on house and plot to 8 % from 5 % to 5 %.
  • Luis Suarez was accused of cutting the team from the opposing team during the World Cup in FIFA 2014.
  • Shrikant won the title of Australia Open Super Series in 2017.

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Born on 25 June

  • British statesman, naval chief and the last viceroy of India Lord Mountbatten was born in 1900
  • Chandrashekhar Pandey, one of the famous writers, was born in 1903.
  • Female Indian freedom fighter and politician Sucheta Kriplani was born in 1908.
  • Bollywood film music director Madan Mohan was born in 1924.
  • India’s eighth PM Vishwanath Pratap Singh was born in 1931.
  • India’s famous comedian Satish Shah was born in 1961.
  • Bollywood actress Karishma Kapoor was born on June 25, 1974.
  • Param Vir Chakra honoured Indian soldier Manoj Kumar Pandey was born in 1975.

Died on 25 June

  • Swami Sahajanand Saraswati, the nationalist leader of India and freedom fighter, died in 1950.
  • Singapore’s top lawyer and a key member of the Indian community R. Pal Krishnan died in 2003.
  • Michael Jackson, who wrote the new definition of music and dance, said goodbye to the world in 2009.

National/International Holidays and Observations List

  • National Catfish Day (United States)
  • World Vitiligo Day

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