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Important events of 26 May –

  • 122 people died in the church in Norway due to a fire in 1822.
  • The limit on buying gas in the UK was abolished in 1950.
  • Giving every person Ration card was given to buy gasoline.
  • In Japan, in 1983 earthquake killed 104 people.
  • In 1998, Japan had captured 50,016 British soldiers during the Second World War, among which
  • 12,433 of them either died or were killed in captivity.
  • On the withdrawal of Israeli forces from South Lebanon, millions of Hezbollah supporters brought out a rally in 2000 with their leader Shaikh Hassan Nasrallah.
  • China’s plane dropped in a sea in 26 may 2002, 225 people died.
  • According to a research in the science world in 2006, the AIDS virus spreads through chimpanzee found in Cameroon.
  • Defence agreement was concluded between India and Germany in 2007.
  • The Uttar Pradesh government issued a notification in respect of fixing the stock limits of cereals and edible oils in 2008.

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Born on 26 May –

  • One of the famous revolutionaries, chhaganraj chopasani, was born in 1912.
  • ‘Bhartiya Janta Party’ (BJP) leader Sartaj Singh was born in 1940.
  • Aruna Roy was born in 1946, she is one of the women of India who is a better social worker as well as a politician.
  • Sushil Kumar, the wrestler who won the ‘Bronze Medal’ for India in ‘Beijing Olympic Games’ was born in 1983.
  • The famous comedian Manorama (Tamil actress) of South Indian Cinema was born in 1937.

Died on 26 May –

  • KPS Gill died in 2017; he was twice the Director General of Police (DGP) of Punjab.
  • Famous story writer, lyricist, reviewer and politician Shrikant Verma died in 1986.

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