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Important events of 18 May 

  • The first National Assembly in Germany was inaugurated in 1848.
  • In the year 1912, the first Indian feature-length film Shree Pundalik was released on the same day.
  • A year after signing the Northern Atlantic Treaty in 1950, on the same day, 12 countries of the world, on a permanent basis to protect America and Europe Was agreed.
  • In 1974, on the same day, with India’s first underground nuclear bomb test in Pokhran, Rajasthan, India became a nuclear power-rich country.
  • This test ‘Smiling Buddha‘ was given the name.
  • The King of Nepal was brought to the realm of tax on 18 May 2006.
  • Kazakhstan’s President, Noor Sultan, sees the visionary’s tenure extended for unlimited time in 2007.
  • Playback singer Nitin Mukesh was awarded the National Lata Mangeshkar ornamentation by the Madhya Pradesh government in 2008.
  • Indian-origin writer Indra Sinha was awarded the Commonwealth Prize for her book, AnimalPeople in 2008.
  • The Sri Lankan government announced to end the war with Tamil insurgents for 25 years.
  • Army captured the northern part of the country in 2009 and LTTE chief Velupillai Prabhakaran was killed.

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Now know that in the history of the great person who was born today in the world on the day of 18 May 

Born on 18 May 

  • The 10th Governor of the Reserve Bank of India Jagannathan was born in 1914.
  • Norwegian-born psychiatrist Jorda Boyce was born on 18 May 1922.
  • Danish musician Kai Wynding was born in 1922.
  • India’s twelfth Prime Minister, HD Deve Gowda was born in 1933.

Now know ahead of what great person in history has said goodbye to this world on this day ie May 18th.

Death on 18 May

  • Panchanan Maheshwari, India’s well-known botanist died in 1966.
  • The famous religious teacher Jai Gurudev died in 2012.
  • Hindi actress Reema Lagoo passed away on 18 May 2017.
  • Minister of State for Environment, Forests and Climate Change, Anil Madhab Dave, died in 2017 in the Government of India.

Important events and festivals of 18 May 

  • Pokhran Nuclear Explosion Day (1974)
  • Museum day

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