Syrian warplane

Israel ‘Shoot down’ Syrian warplane

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Israel says that it has to Shoot down a Syrian warplane who had entered his territory.

Israel and Syria have been showing their eyes to each other, but one country has lost its warrior aircraft, it is rarely seen.

According to news reports from Israel, the Syrian plane was targeted at the time when he was on the flight over the Golan Heights.

It is not known what happened to the pilot who flew into the plane.

According to Syrian news agency Sana, Israel targeted Syrian aircraft in the Syrian airfield.

Sana has said in reference to military sources that the Syrian warplane was attacking ‘armed extremist groups’ near the southern Yarmouk Valley.

Syria considers rebel groups present in this area as extremists.

According to an Israeli news website, people living in northern Israel saw an interceptor missile fired and they also heard explosions.

Flames and smoke

According to the AFP news agency, fire and flames have been seen rising between Syrian and Israeli-occupied Syrian Golan Heights.

The correspondent near the Middle East said that in Jerusalem these developments are another indication of how the Syrian war has caused a fire between two old enemies in the area.

The last battle between Israel and Syria has fought 45 years ago. Later on, both sides agreed to build a 50-mile buffer zone.

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