laos dam collapse

Laos dam collapse: hundreds missing

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Laos dam collapse

Laos dam collapse: Official media of Laos say that a construction dam has broken into the southwest of the country and due to this at least 20 people dead.

It is being told that at least 100 people are missing and more than six thousand people have been drowned in water.

Laos News Agency said that on Monday, a dam was broken down under the Hydroelectric Project in Attapeu province, which flooded the six villages.

Photos that have been reported from the affected areas Samong, people can be seen sitting on rooftops of houses.

The boundaries of this province of Laos are in line with Vietnam and Cambodia.

Clearly, information about how many people are affected by the accident is not currently available. Phone signals are not working in the area.


The agency says, “Many people are trapped due to the accident and many are still missing.”

In the year 2013, the construction work of Shaan Pian Shay Nemanoy dam was started and it was going to be ready next year.

laos dam collapse

                    Laos Dam Collapse

Thailand company Ratchaburi Electricity Generating Holding and South Korea’s company SK Engineering and Construction were working to build this dam.

A Ratchaburi company spokesman said that the operators of the dam have submitted a report to them, according to which the dam has broken up to 16 meters.

According to the report, due to the continuous rain, this temporary dam had more water than the capacity.

According to SK Engineering and Construction spokesman, half of a dam constructed before the original dam was broken due to heavy rainfall.

“We do not know the exact reasons yet, but we believe that the upper part of the dam is broken and the water has gone out and the supply has gone into the dam.”

  • Laos government has launched an ambitious plan to build a dam and believes that it will be able to become ‘Asia’s battery’ in the coming days.
  • The Mekong river and its tributaries flow in Laos and it is considered to be the best for the hydroelectric project.
  • In 2017, 46 hydro projects were operational in the country and 54 projects were under construction.
  • According to Laos plan, by 2020 and 54 power transmission lines and 16 substations will be made.
  • Laos exports 30 % of its total hydropower output.


Prior to the construction of the dam, groups of environmental protection were keeping the impact of the Laos hydroelectric project and its danger for the people living in low-lying areas.

According to government media, Laos Prime Minister Thongloun Sisoulith has cancelled official meetings and is monitoring the relief work in the affected area.

Also, boats are also being run to take people to safer places.

Local officials have appealed to government organizations and people to come forward to provide emergency help at such times and give food to the affected people, clothes, drinking water and medicines.

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