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Russia is afraid of leakage of hypersonic missile secrets in the west

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Hypersonic missile: Russia intelligence agency Federal Security Service (FSB) has raided a space research centre suspecting the secret information related to the country’s hypersonic missile to the spies of western countries.

The Russian Space Agency is named Roscosmos.

The agency says its officials are cooperating FSB officers in the investigation.

According to the news published in the Russian daily newspaper Kommersant, FSB suspects about 10 employees of the space agency and has been investigated in the office of a director of the agency.

FSB has also searched the offices of the United Rocket and Space Corporation (URSC) in Moscow.

According to the report of the Kommersant, there can be a case of sedition on suspects accused of leaking secret information.

Hypersonic missile

A hypersonic missile can fly five times faster than the speed of the sound. This speed is called Mach 5.

On Thursday, the Russian Ministry of Defense issued a video of two new hypersonic missile systems named ‘Kinzhal‘ and ‘Avangard‘. Both of them are capable of carrying nuclear weapons.

hypersonic missile

A close source of the FSB investigator told the newspaper that “It is so certain that these information has been leaked by the workers of this space centre.”

The newspaper writes that in this case, many people will be questioned and will not be ignored.

‘Old Project Propaganda’

However, Pavel Felgenhauer, a military expert associated with Russia Novaya Gazeta, told that he suspected the release of the government’s video.

They called it ‘propaganda’ and said that this hypersonic missile would not work.

Felgenhauer said that there has been a tradition of using such giant missiles in Russia for demonstration. It’s just a propaganda and this method of the army is very much like by President Putin.

They say that these projects have been working since Russia was part of the Soviet Union, but in 1990 the work was stopped.

He described this investigation of the intelligence agency as ‘politically embarrassed’.

Pavel Felgenhauer says that the forces of Western nations have to scare their leaders and take more funds from them, and therefore they explain the risk of Russia by raising tenfold always.

Kinzhal‘ is just a short-range missile connected to a plane. There is not even an explosive that can be separated. Also, it can not attack the ongoing things.

He says, in simple words, there are many flaws in it. There is such a similar situation as ‘Avangard‘ and both of them do not make any special difference to the country’s nuclear capacity.

In March this year, President Vladimir Putin gave information about the other missiles, including Kinzhal.

He said that Kinzhal Mach 10 can run at speeds of 10 or 12,000 kilometres per hour and can kill up to 2000 kilometres.

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