Nose bleeding

Reason Behind Nose Bleeding (Children)


There are many types of blood vessels in our nose. These blood vessels are very delicate and covered with a thin membrane. On this, nail or other types of injury such as rough nose cleansing or due to allergic cold or fur, this thin membrane explodes and blood starts coming out. Nose bleeding is very common among children between 3 to 10 years of age. If the problem of Nose bleeding is more than 10 minutes after injury, and every other day, such a problem occurs, contact the doctor. This problem of Nose bleeding is called epistaxis or nasopharynx. 

Reason Behind Nose Bleeding

Nose bleeding

Dry air 

One of the most common causes of Nose bleeding is dry air. If you are living in a dry climate and using a central heating system, then you may be at risk of haemorrhage. These tubes of blood spread due to heat. In addition, to avoid dry nose, it needs to be hydrated and drink plenty of fluid. 

Putting a finger 

In the nose, a most common cause of nose bleeding in children, repeatedly fingering in the nose. Blood vessels, which are part of the front of the nose’s membrane, start bleeding from the earliest. The problem of continuous haemorrhage in children can be a sign of blood disorder such as haemophilia. 


Sinusitis is the inflammation of the sinus, which produces nosebleed by bringing dryness in the Nose blood vessels. This problem is due to viral or bacterial infection. The problem of sinusitis increases with allergy or dust in the environment. 


Many causes of bleeding from the nose and winter cold is also a common cause. By causing irritation in the cold nose layer, it increases the risk of haemorrhage to a great extent. Burning in the Nose vessels layer with dry chill air creates ideal conditions for haemorrhage. Do not coax the nose with the soft tissue when cold, but gently clean it. 

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