Serial pooper

Serial pooper: Why people defecate in public


In most countries of the world, it is understood that cleaning the belly is a personal work, which people do in one place.

It is also encouraged for a clean and healthy environment, but have you ever heard a name of the serial pooper, a person who makes an empty stomach repeatedly in an empty place.

Such a toilet is not in the compulsion to find, but also people who are angry.

Recently, an Australian businessman was arrested on the same route for almost 30 times for leaving his stinking mark.

According to a psychologist and the Anger Management Expert, of question like What are the reasons why a person starts behaving like this?

In the open too often, why?

Mike Berry, Clinical Forensic Psychologist, Birmingham City University, explains the reasons behind anger, anxiety, revenge, or illness.

He says, “This is interesting, I have worked on many such cases when someone has done this in the house. I always asked the police that the serial pooper which was left was strict or soft. Then officer Looking at me like I am a madman. “

“And I used to say to them that if it is soft, then this will be in worry. In this way, you will find a child, which makes the bed filthy and if it is tough, then it will be angry.”

The second question is: Is anyone doing so often in one place?

Professor Berry says that if someone does this then he wants to teach a lesson or to disturb his intentions.

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Feeling of victory

It is rare when someone’s stomach is bad and unable to go to the restroom, he should do it in the open compulsion, but you can divide the matter repeatedly doing this.

A Canadian woman, arrested last month, can be kept in the first category. He was imprisoned in the camera of Tim Hortons Coffee House floor of British Columbia using a toilet. It was later discovered that they were refused to use a toilet.

Keep it in the second category that always does such a thing. For example, last year police were looking for a serial pooper police in Colorado, who was softening herself outside a special home for several weeks during the morning walk.

Though experts do not want to comment on personal matters, they believe that serial pooper tries to present themselves as a winner in front of the world.

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Cytology: Attachment to your stool

Mike Fisher, director of the British Association of Anger Management, says, “I think those who are in the open, they have mental discomfort, it is very clear, if you are a social person, then this will be the last thing you do. “

Mike Fisher says there are some people who are in the open because they have an attachment to their stool, this is a kind of psychological problem. He says, “I remember that in a workshop several years ago, I had found a man from France who had told me that when he was a child, he was deliberately defecating in the bathtub in place of the toilet. Example of ‘scatology‘.”

Even though he grew up, did he do that? In reply to this, Fisher says, “No, now he does not do it, but he still has an attachment to his stomach.”

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The way of protest

American Council on Science and Health says that open defecation is a disease in which no stool or urine can be stopped. It may or may not be under his control.

Open defecation is against rules. Prisoners also do this to protest. There is considered this method of opposition. It does not mean that you are weak, but defecation can be used as a weapon.

Says Mike Berry, clinical forensic psychologist, Birmingham City University, “We have a famous case of the 70’s when Irish soldiers shipped the wall with their stools.”

Mike Fisher, director of the British Association of Anger Management, says anti-social behaviour can never be linked to anger.

He says, “I have seen anger as the reason behind most matters, it is also done with a sense of revenge, it is done to embarrass somebody.”

Mike Fisher points out that the children who are beaten and beat repeatedly are seen to be poop around the house.

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