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‘Sex, Abomination & Fan’: The story of Adnan Oktar of Turkey

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Adnan Oktar fondness and luxury life have changed now.

Adnan Oktar is known for giving religious discourses on a TV channel in Turkey. Recently, he was arrested with more than 160 followers.

There are allegations of fraud, sexual harassment and Organized crime on them.

According to Turkish government news agency Anadolu, a large police operation was conducted in five Turkish states to catch Adnan Oktar and investigate his property.

This is not the first time when Adnan Oktar is in the clutches of the law.

First of all, in 1999, he was arrested for threatening people and making a criminal organization, but later he was released.

In 1980 he established an Islamic institution in Istanbul. After this, his wealth and fame went on increasing, but finding the true meaning of his income was very difficult.

Since then, he spent a lot of time in jail.

Adnan Oktar

Darwin described the root of terrorism

Some people consider Adnan Oktar as being “dangerous”; some as ‘influential thinkers’ But whatever happens in Turkey, they all know.

There is also a charge against the Oktar for spreading hatred against the Jews.

In one of their speeches, he had said that there were no such incidents like the Holocaust of the Jews in history.

He is against Darwin’s theory of evolution (evolution theory).

In 2010, in an interview, Octar had said that Darwin is a great source of inspiration for the terrorists.

He has also printed many of his books by the name ‘Harun Yahya‘.

A few years ago, Adnan Oktar also launched a TV channel where he used to propagate his ideology.

Adnan Oktar was surrounded by bikini girls

During his discourses on TV, he used to be surrounded by semi-naked and make-up girls. These girls were called ‘kittens‘.

Adnan oktar

According to media reports, some of these girls were made to brainwash so that they could make themselves ‘sex slave’ of Adnan Oktar.

Many times he was threatened and blackmailed too.

It is also being said that Adnan Oktar used to send their loyal followers to trap young girls and rich men.

Oktar called his disciples ‘lion’.

In 1999, when the charges against Oktar were investigated, such a girl had told that their video was made in an objectionable condition so that if they wanted to leave the group then they could be blackmailed.

Although Adnan Oktar has come to deny these allegations.

They say that there is a conspiracy against the world and Britain’s intelligence agencies are leading this conspiracy.

Great villas, Connection with great leaders

In addition to controversial ideas, Oktar was known for his rich and fond-hearted life.

He lived in a luxurious villa in Istanbul and he was often seen surrounded by girls.

Adnan oktar

His luxurious life was openly publicized on his social media accounts.

His followers also formed a group and lived near their villa.

According to Turkish journalists, the followers of Oktar used to handle their social media accounts and see their full functioning.

On the occasion of the Ramadan of Oktar, many leaders and internationally powerful people used to call for a banquet in Istanbul’s expensive hotels.

Friendship with Israel

Despite disturbing ideas against the Jews, the Oktarites had close relations with Israel.

He used to go to Israel with his followers to meet religious leaders and big leaders there.

The leaders of Israel also came to visit in Turkey.

Among those who meet Oktar including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel’s communications minister Ayoob Kara.

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