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Light can act as a superfluid, Nobel laureate Gabriel Garcia Marquez tells Toto and Joel exciting story in his novel ‘Light is Like Water‘. Both children burst their home bulb in the night and float between them flowing light.

The story says, “The golden light emanating from a broken bulb flows like a freshwater and they keep on fleeing.” Later, they shut their currents and take the boat and run it. “

This scene is very fictional but it is not far from reality.

Scientists studying ‘quantum phenomena‘ show that the light behaves like a fluid in special circumstances which flows and hits like obstacles on the arrival of obstacles. It is in the same way as the stream of a river flows between stones.

How does it work?

‘Liquid Light’ is a special substance. It is neither in concrete nor in plasma Apart from this, it also does not behave in the form of liquid and gas.

The scientist is called Bose-Einstein Condensate (BEC) and it has been considered as the ‘fifth position of substance’.

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In this situation, all the particles work together and unite, which is called ‘superfluid’ or the best liquid substance.

“It looks like any other fluid or gas but it has special properties, and one of these properties is related to every part of it,” says researcher Daniele Sanvitto in the Nanotechnology Institute of Italy.

These superfluid do not produce waves and there is no friction or viscosity in it.

Sanvitto says that it has a ‘collective behaviour’. He says, “It’s like a group of dancers who make similar steps or produce waves like people running at the same time.”

Normal fluid stops thereby colliding with the wall, but fluid light such as superfluid can flow across the wall.

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What is the use of liquid light?

For a few years, superfluid could only be found at temperatures of -273 ° C, but Sen. and his colleagues say that it can be produced even at room temperature.

They have done this by using light and matter, they are called ‘Polaritons‘. Sanvitto says, “There is a beginning of the use of this substance in everyday life.”

So far, experiments in a lab have achieved success at the small level, but researchers say that there is a deep potential and information and energy can be transmitted without any concrete object.

As an example, optical computers can be created in which light particles will be used and there will be no problem of heating it like normal computers.

This technique can revolutionize the use of laser and solar panel technology. However, for now, it was only possible in the imagination or in the stories of Marquez.

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