This scientific reason is hidden behind yawning


The scientific reason is hidden behind yawning

Generally, you might have noticed that when we feel a little tired we take the yawn. Although this habit often becomes a headache too. Often, yawning in public places or offices can make you laugh. Although taking a yawn is an important part of all of us routine. Not only us but animals also get bored.

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Since this is a common and uncontrollable process, we often do not have control over it. But taking a yawn is not the same for everyone.

Many take a lot of yawns and some take less. In most cases when we go to sleep or wake up after sleeping, or get bored with some work, then take Yawn. 

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Do you know what are the scientific reasons behind the arrival of the heat? So let’s talk today, what is the secret behind it?

Several theories have been given about taking yawn, but Hippocrates, who is called the father of Medical Science, first gave a theory about this. He explained that yawning is a natural way to remove polluted air from the lungs. That is, taking a yawn is a part of the respiratory system.

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By accepting another theory, taking uric acid increases blood pressure. Because of which the movement of the heart is controlled and the amount of oxygen in the blood increases.

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