eggs hard outside and soft inside

Why are eggs hard outside and soft inside | Egg veg or non-veg


It’s been a big puzzle yet. But for the first time, Canadian scientists have said that the puzzle is going to be solved.

First egg or chicken? It is very old before. A similar puzzle is also that the egg is so tough from the outside that it is hard to be broken, but when the chicken comes out from the egg, it easily penetrates it and comes out.

That is, the conclusion is that the egg is harder than the outside and soft in from the inside. But why this happens, it’s still a big puzzle. But for the first time, Canadian scientists have said that the puzzle is going to be solved.

Why are eggs hard outside and soft inside?

Research In Montreal, McGill University of Montreal studied the internal structure of eggshell through new technology. He did this research to study its molecular nanostructure and mechanical properties.

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According to this research, when eggs are given, they are sufficiently strong to avoid the external environment. This gives the chicken (chick) inside the protection. But as the chickens develop within the shell of the egg, calcium is needed for the development of its bones.

During the incubation, the layer inside the shell dissolves for this type of mineral-ion supply. As a result, this layer weakens from the inside and the chickens come out of it comfortably.

Researchers say that this study, conducted through atomic force microscopy, electron and X-ray imaging methods, also shows that possibly due to subtle changes in the nanostructure of eggshell during incubation, There are executive changes. Scientists also say that this study can prove useful in terms of food safety.

During the study, it was also found that the birds were able to provide the perfect egg in the epic poem of millions of years. Under this, a very delicate, protective layer develops within the eggshell, in which all the nutrients needed for the development of chickens are present. This study was published in the Science Advance Journal.

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Egg veg or non-veg

Likewise, a study came on the question of egg veg or non-veg sometime ago. In fact, vegetarians did not eat eggs. They argue that the egg comes from the hen. Therefore, when the chicken is non-veg, the egg is also non-veg. But, science says that milk also comes from the animal, so how is that vegetarian? Most people have a misconception that the egg (chick) is released from the egg.

But, if you consider the egg as a non-veg for this reason, then tell you that most of the eggs found in the market are unprinted. That means chicks can never come out from them. To overcome this misunderstanding, scientists have also tried to answer this question through science. According to them, an egg is vegetarian.

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How to find out

Actually, there are three layers in the egg – the first shell, the second albumen and the third egg yolk. According to a research done on eggs, there is only protein in egg whiteness. There is no part of the animal in it. Therefore technically the egg white is vegetarian.

Egg yolk

Like egg white, in egg yolk, there is also the highest cholesterol and fat with the protein. However, eggs are given after contact with chicken and poultry, gametes cells are present, which makes them non-vegetarian

How does chicken give eggs?

When a hen is 6 months old, it is necessary to spawn every 1 or one and a half days, but it is not necessary for him to come in contact with a poult. These eggs are called unprinted egg. Scientists claim that the chickens can never get out of them. In such a case, if you still consider the egg as a non-veg, forget it, because an egg is vegetarian.

This is Why eggs hard outside and soft inside.

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